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I have been a patient at Alternative chiropractic for 6 years. They are all great, caring professionals. They take great care of me and both of my kids. I can't recommend them enough. Excellent! ~ Sharon

After years of antibiodics for sinus infections, I am antibiodic-free, and working with Dr. Elliott to address previously unknown food allergies that allergists had overlooked.  Working with the Avatar has been amazing, and totally substantiated by blood tests.  Relief from aches & pains via cold laser therapy, chiro adjustments, Thai massage by Josh, and acupuncture by Eva have been a substantial improvement in quality of life.  The front desk does handsprings to accommodate schedules and personal needs, something lacking in so many offices. ~ Anonymous

I've been a patient of Dr. Elliott Smith's for over 9 years - for multiple issues.  I switched to alternative medicine after years and years of being told by western medicine docs that my symptoms were "all in my head".  Turns out they were dead wrong.  Dr. Smith, Eva Stanley, Carissa Macklin, and Dr. Woods have all provided excellent, professional care that has taken my level of health from yuck to yay! They also took care of my elderly mother and I can say that, without a doubt, they not only increased her longevity, but her quality of life as well. ~Linda

Dr. Elliott has been helping me manage my migraines for many years now.  When I first came to Alternative Chiropractic, I was suffering from chronic migraines (more than 15 per month) and with a combination of chiropractic adjustments and supplements, I have been able to lower that number significantly.  What I find to be so remarkable about Dr. Elliott is that he never gives up trying to help me get better.  My case is complicated as many factors impact my migraines (hormones, thyroid, neck issues) and Dr. Elliott's has had incredible patience in addressing all of these issues. I have also seen Dr. Eva for acupuncture and for Avatar and I think she is wonderful.  She is a very caring practitioner. I also appreciate Christine as she juggles the phone, filling supplement orders, and keeping the practitioners on schedule.  I am a huge fan of ACC! ~Alice

Our entire family of 5 has been seeing Dr. Elliott for 9 years now!  He has seen us through broken bones, pulled muscles, hormonal imbalance, allergies, nutritional needs, colds, flu, physical therapy, laser work and chiropractic adjustments.  He is truly a miracle worker and his Avatar analysis is spot on.  We also see Josh for Thai massage & he is amazing.  Eva is a master at acupuncture, needling and homeopathic muscle injections.  Christine at the front desk is phenomenal.  We feel so blessed to have found this practice full of caring practitioners with such high levels of expertise in their respective fields.  Put simply...Alternative Chiropractic rocks!!! ~Kd

This place is great and all of the practitioners are great I have been coming here for a very long time. I Will always keep coming here!

I first came to this office to see Dr. Elliot, who came with the kind of recommendations I’d expect Gandalf or Obi Wan Kenobi to receive. He has absolutely lived up to them over the many years I’ve been seeing him at this practice as various health issues came and went. I’ve seen other practitioners and had great experiences with the front desk staff, who really looked after me with supplements, etc. Most importantly, Dr. Elliot and his colleagues helped diagnose (which no one else could do, across many MDs and specialists), treat naturally (which no one else cared about), and heal me from several awful conditions that has everyone in conventional medicine simply throwing their hands up or calling me crazy. I healed from each quickly with their help, and am a happy, healthy person today who owes them everything! If you are looking for exceptional compassion, understanding, broad training, and thinking outside the box, these are your people!! -RC

I have been coming to alternative chiropractic center for about 12 years and I have seen pretty much every practitioner there and love them all. I've seen many changes over the years and this is the best group of people they have had yet. I have full faith in all of their abilities to heal and recommend them highly. -JG

Dr. Elliott has improved the health and vitality of our entire family and the countless friends and relatives who have come from far and near to experience his creative alternative approach to medicine.
He is and excellent diagnostician and though his mastery of the Avatar equipment, along with his knowledge of herbs, supplements, homeopathy and energy medicine he creates the perfect treatment plan to ensure not only the recovery from an illness but a new heighten state of wellness. Many of the healthy issue we have brought him over the year were solved with just one visit!
My three daughters and I love being in his presence. He is patient, personable, upbeat, and makes us feel like he really cares about each of us. We now, rarely find a need for traditional medicine, and are infinitely healthier as a result of being cared for by Dr. Elliott. -WK

Elliot, you have done so much for our whole family. I do not know what we would do without all your very effective treatments and recommendations. You always go above and beyond in helping us and investigating solutions to our problems. We are so fortunate to have someone as talented as you as our doctor. You surround yourself with a great support staff as well. Thanks for being you!!

Elliott – Thank you for helping me make Varsity! -TW

I have been coming to Dr. Elliott for a couple of years now. Since I started working with him I have been able to safely eliminate some of the pharmaceuticals I was taking that were giving me terrible side effects and replace them with homeopathic (Is that right? Or are they naturopathic?) Remedies with NO side effects. Everyone that works with him is always so friendly and helpful. I also appreciate his work with the Avatar that helps me stay on top o what’s happening with my body – and enables us to catch minor issues before they become major problems.
Thank you, Dr. Elliott! -GI

Words cannot describe how blessed I am to have you as my caregiver! The nightmare of my journey through cancer surgery and post cancer therapy has been enlightened by your expertise, care and humor. God bless you for being such an outstanding doctor and a person who sincerely manifests the desire and expertise to improve your patients’ well being. Truly a Divine Gift. -BS

I started coming to Dr. Elliott over 10 years ago and continue to be amazed at the breadth of his knowledge. Not only has he helped me through some serious health issues during that time, he has also led me to a more holistic understanding of how my body works and what I can do to stay healthy. He’s never too busy to answer a question or help me figure out the next step. Whether using chiropractic, acupuncture, the Avatar or any other method his is acquainted with, I always feel confident that his diagnosis and suggested treatment will work, and it always does! He also works with a terrific group of people who are professional, knowledgeable and always ready to laugh – what a great combination! 
Many thanks, Dr. E! -LI

My name is Debbie. I was fortunate to have met Dr. Elliott years ago. I have many health issues and was driving hundreds of miles a month to receive health care. I give thanks and credit to those who have helped me in the past.
I started seeing Dr. Elliott for chiropractic care. I am very sensitive after having multiple car accidents and several back and neck injuries. It was no problem for Dr. Elliott to take care of me. He knew what to do and could be as gentle as I needed him to be. We had been talking about my other issues and the person who had been providing care for me. He understood what was going on with me and what they had been doing. We started to work together using the technology called the Avatar. On several occasions I have had severe reactions and he was able to help pin point and help with the reactions. Over the years Dr. Elliott has incorporated more technologies and used them in combinations to make the most of my healing process. For me this is important to be able to keep up with the fast pace of changes health issues present. Dr. Elliott has provided me with the knowledge and kind hearted care that has made the difference in how fast I heal and that I do just that – HEAL! He has given me peace of mind that together we can work through all my issues. Words can never express the gratitude for the professional and caring help he has given me. Thanks! -DG

My wife came home raving about some Dr. Elliott. “You ought to go see him,” she said. I thought he was a witch doctor and a quack because of what she thought about the Avatar but I had Barrette’s esophagus, ulcers, lower intestinal problems, fatigue and digestion. I thought maybe I’d give the quack a try. Now I am ulcer free, down to one esophageal scope every other year, and hardly notice any acid reflux. I used to practically fall asleep at the wheel driving out to work. Now I am no longer fatigued. My digestion has improved, my energy level is improved, and my estimation of Dr. Elliott is greatly improved. So much for the quack! -JG

When I first came to see Dr. Elliott, I was desperate. Truly desperate. And I didn’t have any real hope that I could find a doctor to help me. In fact, I had about given up on doctors of any sort. I hadn’t slept more than 4 hours in months, was down to about one dozen foods I could eat comfortably, and no longer had my old spark or resilience. I was so exhausted I cried at the drop of a hat. Many nights I had laid awake contemplating terrible measure to get some relief. Thank God I didn’t have to act on any of them. I now sleep pretty good on a regular basis, understand what food I can and cannot eat, have been cleared of many food sensitivity , have healthy functioning organs, and experience lots of energy, happiness, and joy. Dr. Elliott had not only helped me with my initial complaints, but has helped me to be proactive with my health. I haven’t found a doctor I trust more! God bless you, Dr. Elliott!

Dr. Elliott, we are so happy that you are kind enough to care about the animals as much as you do humans. I was at the end of my rope when I was referred to you. Libby has suffered from airborne allergies since she was a puppy, and only in the last year or two she had developed food allergies. We visited so many vets over the last several years that told us we would have to live with the “cocker spaniel” ailments and the only answer came in the form of expensive and often harmful antibiotics. After we went through the initial cleansing of her system, she improved so quickly. She has such clear skin now, and she even wants to play ball again! Thank you for making my dog a happy, comfortable dog again.
Best Wishes! -LB and Libby

Elliott is a natural teacher and his work in this world is notable. His humility and generosity make him a pleasure to learn from and work with. Anyone, with any sense, that crosses his path knows that they are lucky to have done so. Not only is Elliott an amazing practitioner and healer, he tops the list for best colleague to be in cohorts with; he is a walking Wikipedia! One of the many things I appreciate about Elliott is that he leads in a way that allows those near to him to thrive, both professionally and personally. Thank you for that.
You’re the bomb dude! -GG

What can I say about the man who has on a monthly, sometimes even weekly basis saved my sanity and my son.
I believe my 2.5 year old son is the poster child for Dr. Smith’s remarkable ability to get to the root of the problem and find treatments that actually work. When Joshua was only 3 months old he began to get eczema… I did my due diligence on the internet and found that it probably meant he had some food allergies. As he was a breastfed child, I began taking the common allergens out of my diet: dairy, wheat, nuts, and soy. His rashes continued to get worse. The pediatrician told me that he just had his daddy’s skin (my husband is a red head) and that we would just have to deal with it. That wasn’t acceptable to me. Then, Joshua stopped pooping. He would push and push and cru and cry, but nothing would come out. So we started using a suppository to help him get it out. Then he began waking every hour and half screaming in pain. The pediatrician suggested Zantacs and laxatives… I never went back to him. He also suggested a gastrointestinal specialist at Children’s Hospital. Again, we got nowhere. We tried an acupuncturist, but the muscle testing just wasn’t accurate enough to help my son. Almost everything we tested seemed to weaken him. By the time he was five months old I was complexly at my wits end. I was sleeping in 1 hour increments, my hormones were a mess from not getting any sleep, and I became stressed out every time I put something in my mouth for fear it would harm my child. Everyone was trying to treat the symptom, not the problem, and Joshua was getting worse by the day. Finally, a friend of mine suggested Dr. Smith. It just so happened that he had a cancellation that very day and we were able to take Joshua in to him. Within 10 MINUTES he was able to tell us what was wrong and what needed to do to treat him. By the time we got to Dr. Smith, Joshua’s liver was just about ready to give out. He couldn’t poop because his digestive system was so swollen it just wasn’t working. The list of foods and environmental thing to which he was allergic topped 40 times. It was very scary but relieving to have a plan. As one might imagine, the stress of having a sick child had worn very heavily on me. Dr. Smith insisted on giving us his cell number to call if we needed anything. I told him I didn’t want to bother him: he said I had worried enough and to call with any problems. Bless him.
Since that initial appointment, we have been in on a minimum of a monthly basis. Sometimes even weekly. Joshua had got to be one of the most sensitive babies ever, which made everything quite challenging. It took us 14 months until he could poop daily on his own without a suppository, and a year and half to finally get rid of all of the rashes. We still are working on allergy elimination treatments, and still face sleep problems and the occasional constipation. We still find new allergies, and sometimes redevelop old ones. But we saved his liver (and therefore I believe his brain). He didn’t go down the path of asthma like many in our family, and is rarely sick.
I believe with all my heart that Dr. Smith saved my little boy. And I know he has saved my sanity repeatedly. I tell everyone I know about how wonderful he is, and have sent many people to see him. And as with my story, Dr. Smith got stellar results with every person I’ve sent. My husband and I are constantly impressed by his vast knowledge and sometimes remarkably original treatment plans. He has become out go to guy, our doctor, and our friend. I quite literally trust him with my life and the life of my family. Because of him I found the courage and support to get pregnant again, knowing that we won’t face the same problems was we did with Joshua because Dr. Smith is a part of our lives. I won’t ever be able to thank him enough for his support, his authenticity, and his body-saving knowledge. He is a healer in the purest sense of the word, and I am so grateful he is a part of our lives. Need I say more?
With Sincerity and Gratitude. -JP