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Cardiovascular Endurance And Lower Body Strength

Do three times, for a total of 15 minutes

  • Run up/down stairs: 4 minutes
  • Wall sit with knees bent to 90 degrees (press your back against a wall and walk your feet about 24-inches forward; bend your knees and slide your back down the wall until your hips are almost as low as your knees): 1 minute

Lower Body Strength, Balance And Agility

Do three times, for a total of 9 minutes

  • Walking lunges with hands on hips (step your right foot forward to a lunge, bending right knee over right ankle with left leg extended long behind; press weight into right foot and lift left foot, bringing it to meet the right foot; repeat to the left): Do 20 lunges, alternating right and left
  • Lateral hops with legs together and arms out in front (stand with feet hip-width apart and knees bent; spring up and to the right; land with feet hip-width apart; repeat left): Do 20 hops, alternating right and left
  • Squat and reach: Lower to a squat position then lift up to stand on your toes as you reach arms overhead. Do 10 squats and reaches

Core/Total Body Strength And Balance

Do three times, for a total of 9 minutes

  • Plank on all fours for Donkey Kicks (on hands and knees, hover knee one inch off of mat, flex right foot and extend leg behind you; return foot to floor for one rep): Do 20 kicks, alternating right and left
  • Side plank (start in a plank; spin to outside edge of right foot, stacking left foot on top of it, and lift left hand so weight is on right foot and hand; keep core tight so hips stay in line with feet and shoulders): Hold for 30 seconds on the right side, then hold for 30 seconds on the left side
  • Superman swims (lie facedown with arms extended by ears; pull belly in as you lift right arm and left leg then left arm and right leg): Do 20 swims, alternating right and left