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What is the Avatar Technology?

Bio-Energetic Medicine

The human body employs both a chemical and electrical operating system. Imbalances and stress in the body’s electrical system show up at special points on the meridians that can be measured and corrected. The FDA has approved various electromagnetic devices for diagnostic purposes. Chinese medicine understood this ‘energy body’ concept centuries ago. A growing industry of U.S. health practitioners supported by recent technology discoveries have taken the Chinese understanding of the body’s electrical system to new levels, employing a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment technology tools. We use an advanced bio-energetic technology called the Avatar. Reading multiple acupuncture points, the Avatar technology can identify precise imbalances within the body that may be contributing to a disease or health challenge. Avatar is a proven asset in putting all the pieces together and uncovering the body’s complex events that may create health challenges. It can also assist in developing a treatment plan and dosage evaluation of herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, and other supplements.

Alternative Medicine Magazine March 2001

Practiced by:

Dr. Elliott Smith, DC

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