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Dr. Shannon Maser’s chiropractic story started while she was at the University of Iowa, where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Human Physiology. She was also both a cross country and track and field athlete for four years. It was during her time as an athlete that she started receiving chiropractic care, and as a result noticed improved athletic performance and (unexpectedly!) her lifelong seasonal allergies completely disappeared. During her senior year, a chronic foot injury led to a failed surgery, which ultimately ended her collegiate running career and any potential hope at becoming a professional athlete.

After her time at Iowa, she moved to Atlanta, GA to start chiropractic school at Life University. As soon as she started chiropractic school, she met another chiropractor who specialized in extremities and sports injuries. With just a few adjustments to her foot, she was able to run pain free for the first time in years. She already believed in chiropractic, and it was at this time that she made it her mission to specialize in extremities herself, so that she could help others avoid unneeded surgery and heal and excel naturally.

Pregnancy and pediatric care is also something she has studied extensively. The ultimate goal of chiropractic care during pregnancy is to enhance physiological function in the mother, so that mom is best prepared for birth and baby has optimal conditions to grow and develop. Dr. Shannon completed her chiropractic residency with one of the top pediatric chiropractors in the nation. While there, she helped little ones with ADHD, constipation, speech disorders, sleep problems, movement disorders, and digestive issues get well with chiropractic.

She has also helped adults with back pain, joint pain, neck pain, headaches, digestive issues, and sleep problems. She understands the importance of performing a thorough analysis before every adjustment to find the specific misalignment that needs to be addressed. For optimal results, it is important that the misaligned segment is the one that gets adjusted. Every client does not (and should not) receive the same adjustment, and every body heals at a different speed. She is dedicated to finding the true cause of the issue so that you can work to fully resolve the issue, rather than just treat the symptoms.

She is Webster Technique Certified, has her International Board of Extremity Chiropractors Upper and Lower Extremity Certification, and has attended more than 20 seminars on chiropractic analysis and adjusting technique.

Running is still one of her favorite hobbies, and she also enjoys camping and hiking – she’s currently working on hiking all of the 14ers in Colorado. She’s a big personal development junkie as well. She loves to read books on personal growth and is always looking for new recommendations!