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Dear Valued Patients,
We want to update you regarding Alternative Chiropractic Center Frisco’s response to the ever-evolving Coronavirus outbreak. As you know, it is always our intention to do everything we can to preserve the health and safety of our team, our patients, and our world.
Due to state health regulations Summit County has ordered businesses to close until further notice. With this being said, Our Frisco office is closed starting today, 3/17/2020.

Please be advised: Dr. Elliott is still offering remote Avatar services and will be providing those regardless of the closure. This allows patients who are receiving these services to continue their care uninterrupted during times such as this. Please call the office to speak to Korina for more information or to be scheduled with him for a remote session.

We also have a variety of supplements available to order to help support the immune system and many other ailments. You can order directly from https://accfrisco.com/order-supplements-online/  We will have some our favorite immune support supplements marked on each of the E-Stores. Dr. Elliott is available to assist with recommendations during this time as well.  

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. We will be sure to keep everyone updated as the situation progresses.